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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Three YouTube channels you have to see.

The top 10.  Yes, there are three in this post, but the first one is about the top 10 of everything (top ten all the things!).  They have things you didn't know about the Queen and secret organizations.  They even have a top ten YouTube channels - YouTube-ception!

The Slo Mo Guys.  They pop popcorn, hit stuff with sledgehammers and play golf with apples.   If you like seeing things get destroyed in slo-mo, Gav and Dan have the channel for you!

The Slingshot Channel.  Joreg Sprave is a German who likes making weapons, but this is more than just slingshots.  He makes a pencil thrower called the "Nerd Revenge 2000", a rolling pin turned zombie killer called the "Angry Housewife" and a slingshot that shoots throwing knives.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Dance Walking and Camels

The newest trend in exercise: Dance Walking.
I learned of these through Geeks are Sexy, and immediately fell in love.  Here's the original video.  And here are the outtakes.  And yes, he does eventually find the original Dance Walker.
While we're on the subject of fitness, here's my favorite site: Nerd Fitness, which among other things, has the Angry Birds Workout Plan.

A couple of weeks ago, I found an awesome YouTube channel called Camels and Friends.  It's a young woman in Arizona who has two camels, a couple of dogs, two sheep, three ducks and at least one bird.  Her videos are amusing and informative, if you want to raise animals in the desert, that is.  Since then she has started both a website and a blog.  She is getting bios of her animals up on the website.  Most exciting of all, one of her camels will be on Animal Planet this fall!