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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

2012 Nobel Prizes in Chemistry and Physics

Within minutes of the announcements of the winners of this year's Nobel Prize, my favorite vloggers went to work explaining what the prize was for.

Chemistry: Periodic Videos.

The top comment:
"My god. Here we are, perhaps three hours after the announcement, we have not only a VERY high quality video explaining just what the prize was for (including research by the professor to see just what they're on about), explaining hugely complex yet important concepts in terms that even I can understand. And all I can offer in thanks is a punch of a 'like' button. Somehow that feels so ... so insignificant, considering the effort expended and the material presented. Thank you. Again."

Physics: Minute Physics and Sixty Symbols with extra Sixty Symbols footage.

One of the comments describes the Sixty Symbols journey to find SOMEONE to explain the research:
"I really enjoyed the way the video started with Prof. Copeland calling Prof. Moriarty, then bumping into Prof. Merrifield outside, then meeting with Professor Moriarty, and then finally reaching Prof. Kruger. It felt well connected and made me more interested in the rest of the video, which was great. I hope to see more of Prof. Kruger in the future. Good job Brady!"

And today, Hank updates us on other Nobel Prizes!