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Friday, September 21, 2012

History and Food

I ran into a blog about the war of 1812 when browsing events to do this weekend.  It's a running documentary about the events surrounding the war.  The writers include several historical sites, newspapers, parks and historical societies.  If you're interested in more historical blogs, check out this extensive list.  Included are Cardinal Wolsey's Today in History and Elizabeth Mahon's Scandalous Women about 'history's most fascinating and flagrant women'.

On another topic, there's an awesome website about food substitutions.  I ran out of rice wine vinegar when making sushi this other night and this site came to the rescue.  Also, my favorite food personality, Alton Brown, has a blog!  Well, it's less of a blog and more of a food news aggregator.  Anthony Bourdain also has a food blog, which may be fascinating as he wraps up his last season of No Reservations.  Bon Appetit!

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